DragonBall 2 Reborn may be released

After Dragon Ball Evolution in 2011 we will have DragonBall 2 Reborn. We hope that DragonBall 2 Reborn will be better then the first movie. About the release date let's hope that this second movie will be launched before 2015. As we know from IMDB we don't have a clear release date for DragonBall 2 Reborn they was saying something about 2011 but this movie is still in development, now that page was removed and nothing is sure.

DragonBall 2As the title says DragonBall 2 Reborn will may continue the story from first movie Dragon Ball Evolution. At the end of the first movie we know that Chi Chi is an undercover girl that could make a lot of trouble for Goku ( especially because we know that Goku love her).

At the end of the story, we don’t have enough hints for counting on a happy ending. Most probably, Dragonball Evolution 2 will be followed by a new episode. Everything it’s up to the producers after they will calculate the profit brought by Dragonball 2. Given the previous low profit of the dragon ball movie, they hope to catch a more than decent turnover.

For all those looking for something interesting but not very complicate, Dragonball Evolution 2 might offer you a couple of good minutes of pure action and suspense.

In addition, if you are a new or an old fan of the Dragonball series and story, you should carefully count the days until Dragonball 2: Reborn will land at a home theater near you.

The manga story of dragon ball reborn is a very popular product distributed especially as a game, music soundtrack, collectible cards, art-books and, of course, several movies released in Southeast Asia, mostly for local audiences in local languages.

For some of the fans that know by heart the volumes of the manga story, it may be deceiving, but realistically speaking, you can’t satisfy everyone. The producers tried to concentrate as much as possible from the real story in order to offer a coherent succession of events. They succeeded in keeping the tempo of the series and to individualize the main characters of the series.

When will be a trailer for DragonBall 2 Reborn for sure it will be here ;).


Anonymous said...

if they make another i may shoot them xD piss on my childhood will they?!?!

Anonymous said...

They need to make another one